Is the Argentine press trying to sweep a huge corruption case under the rug?

How further up does a major, reputable news-provider come up on a Google list of results when one removes the phrase “70 millions” or “corruption”? See the image below:


I wish I would have written this article a week ago, when none of the major newspapers featured in the Google run. The little reporting media heavyweights have done is due to them having caved in to the pressure of little outlets. This is significant progress within the broader context of Argentine history, considering that the empowerment of smaller competitors in the media industry was only achieved half a decade ago after the controversial anti-trust law “Ley de Medios” – which the current government has repealed, in an effort to efface the legacy of the previous government. Yet they have been unable to quash the already-empowered smaller voices that are hindering their present corruption efforts.

Carlos Crítico – Voice of the Left


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