The Nicaraguan Canal: Economic Prosperity Versus Environmental Security

Panama, which has 50% of its population living on under a dollar a day, finds it hard to resist the temptation of a US$ 50-billion project, despite its altogether nefarious environmental implications.

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Yet another Step towards Peace in Colombia?

    It has been just over 2 months since the Colombian government, led by President Santos, signed a ratified peace agreement with the FARC, signifying a huge move towards a concrete state of peace between the two forces, which have been face to face in a violent conflict that has lasted over 50 years….

The Failure of the Paraguayan Judiciary

In 2012, Campesinos (Farmers) of Curuguaty in Paraguay organised an occupation of the area as a form of protest against limited land rights on a region that had traditionally been theirs. On 15th June,350 police officers were ordered to evict them, leading to a clash that left 11 peasants and 6 policemen dead. While the…

The Odebrecht Tribulations

Find out the latest news about the company that re-built Rio de Janeiro’s 2014 Olympics flagship stadium, built a billion-dollar port in Cuba and… gave out US$790 million in bribes to politicians across Latin America.

What is Populism?

The presidential palace- The national flag billows in the wind. Crowds cheering around the presidential palace. The door opens on the balcony. Then he strides out- el Presidente! In full military regalia, proud and handsome. Populism is at the core of the romanticised notion of Latin America, one of handsome charismatic leaders -Vargas, Perón- leading…

Climate Change Threatens Evo Morales

Lake Poopó, the second largest lake in Bolivia, has dried up in an astonishingly short time of three years, from 2013-2016. Water diversion and especially global climate change have sucked the water out of this ancient lake. Experts assure that global warming has been the most prominent cause for the lake’s disappearance. Its muddy waters…

Colombia: A Case in Responsible Politics

While here in London, we morbidly await brexit, president Juan Manuel Santos showed the world how a responsible executive can bring peace and prosperity. Instead of stepping down after his failed referendum for a peace treaty with the FARC rebels, ending a decades long insurgency, he used the referendum results as a bargaining chip to…

The Real Cause of Mexico’s Petrol Crisis

Riots sweep Mexico as people flood to the streets to protest rapidly rising petrol prices. Rumours abound of decisions made by a corrupt cabal of selfish elites behind closed doors.